Gantry machines CNC

Gantry CNC machines designed for shape cutting metal with the use of oxy-fuel, plasma and waterjet technology.

The machine combined technology «Комета МКПл»

Machines for thermal cutting, developed and produced by ALC "ZONT" (Odessa, Ukraine) - the result of the introduction of new…
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Oxyfuel machine "Kometa M"

"Kometa MK" - the machine gantry type oxy-fuel cutting, having, a powerful steel structure and high rigidity portal that allows…
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Plasma cutting machine "Kometa 2M"

"Kometa 2M" - a modern thermal cutting machine gantry having little inertia, well-balanced design that provides a higher dynamic performance…
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The machine with plasma cutting bevels "Kometa TPB"

The machine for thermal cutting "Kometa Pl-TB" is intended for true shape nesting of sheet mild steel and its alloys…
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The machine for oxy-fuel cutting into strips «Kometa M-OL»

Thermal cutting machines series "Kometa M-OL" designed for straight cutting sheet metal. gantry type machines are available with oxy-fuel cutting…
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Waterjet cutting machine "Marina"

The machine is suitable for any shape nesting of sheet materials. As the tooling is water, if necessary, additives in…
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