(Factory high technology equipment), it is one of the unique companies in the country that specializes in the production of high-tech equipment.

 The plant was built in 1967. Over the years, she produced a variety of consumer goods. In 1995 the company was reorganized into an open joint stock company "ZONT." At the company has come a new team. Since that time, the company started to develop the control system for thermal cutting machines and by the end of 1995 has created its own system of numerical control CNC 4000.

 Most employees ALC "ZONT" - a staff of "gas cutter" Odessa school, who dedicated his life to the production of thermal cutting machines - first at the leading plant of the former USSR "Avtogenmash", and now the factory ALC "ZONT".

 Continuing the tradition of "Autogenmash" plant, ALC "ZONT" has established and increases the production of machines for thermal cutting every year.

In 2000, ALC "ZONT" has registered for a trademark "Autogenmash" in the same year released the improved thermal cutting machines series "Kometa M".

In March 2001, a new independent development ALC "ZONT" micro plasma cutting machine "Meteor" has been successfully demonstrated at the exhibition in Minsk.

In 2002, ALC "ZONT" restored "Raduga-M" production of small portable gas cutting machine.

In 2003, production of cars started ASH - 70M working on a metal cam, developed and implemented a system of electric-scan machines, equipped with plasma-industrial equipment. For oxy-fuel vehicles such as "Kometa M" introduced automatic oxy-fuel rotary unit for chamfering for welding around the contour of the cut parts.

In 2004 - started production of pumps for liquefied gases. The machine for thermal cutting "Kometa M" awarded "Visha Proba" quality mark Ukraine

In 2005, it developed and implemented the "Kometa M" machine for cutting slabs.

In 2006, it developed and implemented on the "Kometa M" turning the plasma unit for automatic chamfering.

In 2007, it designed and manufactured a machine for waterjet cutting "Marina".

In 2008, it made the car "Kometa M" with automatic gas console.

Released new complexes for plasma cutting machines "Kometa M", "Meteor" with a new control system based on the software "Windows", and includes a table with the automated cleaning sludge, filter - ventilation systems.

The machine for thermal cutting "Kometa M" is recognized as the winner of the All-Ukrainian competition of quality of production and included in the catalog of "100 best goods of Ukraine in 2008".

In 2009, it made the machine "Kometa M" three-torch equipped with three gas-oxygen for chamfering. It held the first international conference dedicated to the modern methods of thermal cutting.

In 2010, it developed and submitted to the customer laser system "Voskhod"

In 2011, we put into operation a complex of plasma cutting pipes orbital method. ALC "ZONT converted in (Society more responsibility).

In 2012, it developed and produced the first machine for photocopiers "Gloria" made new development "Kometa M" with a new design of the portal, slides and roller guides for longitudinal movement. Designed and manufactured a new model of "Kometa M» №600 - development embodied themselves newest engineering solutions.

In 2013, the complex is made for cutting and sheet, and a new generation of pipes began designing a new line of machines for thermal cutting under the brand name "Kometa PILOT», laser complex ZENiT®.

In 2014 it developed a unique set of "Comet" for cutting sheet with bevel and pipe cutting attachment for cutting of pipes of 600 mm diameter. Implemented Quality management system according to ISO 9001, obtained a certificate of conformity.

In 2015, we developed new products, bitumen heating and Screw splitters. It developed and implemented a new plasma complex "Meteor" with controllable dampers exhaust system and a new cutting program INTECH-DUCT. INTECH-DUCT is a computer-aided design details elements scans ducts. As well as the production of ALC "ZONT continues to work with many sources producing plasma and laser cutting, and is the official representative in Ukraine.


 In addition to the production of new machines, the specialists of the enterprise are created and implemented in dozens of "Kometa M" enterprise projects in machinery modernization of the CIS countries for thermal cutting series "Crystal", "Granat", "PKF", "PPLF", "Dnepr", "PPLC" , "PKC", "Omnimat".

 At the moment all products are certified for compliance with state standards for safety equipment meets specifications. When shipped for export is accompanied by all the necessary documents for fast customs clearance.

 The team plans and expansion of the product range. Projects of new equipment for thermal cutting equipment for air separation, introduced a fundamentally new system of CNC.

The equipment manufactured by ALC "ZONT" - a guarantee of success of your company!